Virtual Payment Solutions

Robust ecosystem developed for supplier payments. Facilitates diverse virtual payment methods

Automated Swipe Control

Set spending limits at a card level, freeze cards instantly and adjust limits with a tap.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Payment Support Team offers phone, email, and chat support in English and Spanish.

Enhanced Reporting

Payment Reports, Payable Schedule Reports, Reconciliation with Client Card Statements, Card-level Reconciliation Reports, Transaction Decline Reports, MCC Spend Reports and more.

About Us

At Corpayze,

We offer cutting-edge Business Payment & Reconciliation Solutions, backed by our proprietary Virtual Card Payments Platform, with a solid track record of using virtual payment options.

Trusted by Leading Global Enterprises
With a diverse clientele, we have earned the trust of prominent players in various industries like Global E-Commerce and Insurance companies with hundreds of subsidiaries, US Based Retail Consulting Giants, Global Pharma companies and BPOs.
Supplier Payments - A Journey of Success
Our platform has executed over 200,000 annual transactions worth $200 million. We operate in 91+ countries, 6000+ global cities, issuing 800,000+ unique cards, and handling 85,000+ unique properties and currencies.

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Why Corpayze?

Accelerated Reconciliation

Strong Security – Avoid Frauds & Overcharging
Compliance with preset spending limits
Improved Traveler Experience

Credit control and automated reporting
Integrate with multiple virtual payment options


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